Food justice? Racial justice? – C.A.F.E. journal interview with Sarah Davenport, Oct. 2019

The Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment journal editors published an interview with Sarah Davenport, former honors student and now a PhD student at Brown University, about her research and article “Whose Sustainability? An Analysis of a Community Farming Program’s Food Justice and Environmental Sustainability Agenda,” (2019, 41(1):56-65).

She summarizes her work as follows: “My research agenda is broadly concerned with black and brown liberation, food and environmental justice, and agroecology. This article is part of the foundation of my research agenda; it scrutinizes that which is taken for granted as ‘good’ (sustainability) and brings light to issues which have long been neglected in black and brown communities across the United States.”

Sarah’s doctoral research is in the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. The full interview is here.    

Whose Sustainability 2