New Books Network podcast, March 2022: the war on reproductive rights in Poland and the US; some positive changes elsewhere…

The New Books Network podcast series and Dr. Piotr Kosicki of the University of Maryland kindly invited me to talk about the Church-State war on reproductive rights in Poland. Here’s the episode as part of the New Books in Eastern European Studies:

Surveillance, control, and abuse of power are persistent themes.

Thank you Dr. Kosicki, the host of the podcast, and the New Books Network for the conversation.

Women of Distinction Award – recognition for advancing research during the pandemic, October 2021

I’m grateful to have my research and publications during the COVID-19 pandemic recognized with the 2021 Women of Distinction Award. I’ve been fortunate to work in fantastic international teams on projects funded by the WHO and the ERC about reproductive health and policies. We really pulled together to manage pandemic difficulties and ensure our projects run successfully despite the many challenges in the last 2 years.

Also nice to see my colleague and collaborator on another study (on LGB healthcare) Lindsay Taliaferro at UCF’s College of Medicine among the awardees.