Student-Mentor Feature – UCF Office of Undergraduate Research

This video showcases the research of my (former) honors student Sarah Davenport and my work with her. Sarah did amazing work on the question of how urban sustainability initiatives engage with (or don’t) with racial/ethnic diversity. Sarah’s findings challenge the popular “feel-good” notion of sustainability and raise questions about who really benefits. This video helps undergraduates understand how to get involved in research. Sarah published her honors thesis as a peer-reviewed article:

2019    Davenport, Sarah, and Joanna Mishtal. “Whose Sustainability? An Analysis of a Community Farming Program’s Food Justice and Environmental Sustainability Agenda,” Culture, Agriculture, Food & Environment. Online early view: Feb. 14, 2019

Winner: Adele E. Clarke Book Award, 2017

“Repronetwork is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2017 Adele E. Clarke Book Award is The Politics of Morality: The Church, The State, and Reproductive Rights in Postsocialist Poland, by Joanna Mishtal.  The Politics of Morality is a compelling investigation of reproductive life in Poland after the fall of socialism and the rise of Solidarity.  Weaving together ethnographic insights gleaned from her encounters with Polish families, Catholic clergy, physicians, and reproductive rights activists, Mishtal illuminates a contradictory landscape of conservative Catholic politics, widespread, privatized medical provision of illegal abortions, a falling birth rate, and public near-silence about reproductive rights.  The Politics of Morality contains insights that reverberate far beyond Poland, with its examination of the role and influence of the Catholic church, the rise of conservative moral politics, the shifting legal and practical roles of the medical profession in reproductive care, the impact of neoliberal economic policies on childbearing, and challenges to reproductive activism.”   —  Lara Freidenfelds, Ph.D., Adele E. Clarke Book Award Committee Chair

COS News: The Politics of Reproductive Rights in Post-Soviet Poland

Associate professor of anthropology, Joanna Mishtal, Ph.D., had her book, The Politics of MoralityThe Church, the State and Reproductive Rights in Postsocialist Poland, published and released with Ohio University Press in August. The Politics of Morality is a full-length, single author ethnography based on 21 months of primary data collection in Kraków, Warsaw, and Gdańsk, Poland. It examines the politics of gender, focusing on reproductive rights, health, and social policies. Specifically, this book is an anthropological study of the expansion of power by the religious right and its effects on individual rights and social values, and it examines the contentious nature of reproductive rights politics that emerged since the fall of state socialism in 1989, and in light of the 2004 EU integration.

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COS News: UCF Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

Joanna Mishtal, Ph.D., associate professor in the department of anthropology, was recently awarded the UCF Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Student Undergraduate Research Council. This honor is awarded through student nomination letters. Students elect to write the letters and the letters are carefully read and scored by the Student Undergraduate Research Council. This year there were 16 nominations for this award.

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